Innovative Learning & STEAM Plan

The faculty of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School will continue to provide a dynamic, engaging, and progressive form of learning that incorporates Project-Based Learning (or PBL), STEAM, and other methods of inquiry and discovery of grade-level content through high-yield strategies. 

Innovative Methods of Content Delivery
  • Blended Learning Model: Lectures, activities, assignments will be posted to LMS where all students can access and collaborate both in the classroom and from home. Modifications will be created for Early Childhood as their pedagogy is very hands-on

  • PBL will be an integral approach used within the Blended Learning Model. This systemic approach to discovery and challenge will create the dynamic and engaging method of learning that is a hallmark of the St. Gabriel’s experience. 



STEAM Implementation Plan
  • While students are on campus, the STEAM Director will co-teach in classrooms using mobile Maker Carts.

  • Should the Distance Learning Plan be activated, the d.lab for Making will continue to offer hands-on learning experiences for students virtually. Students will engage in the engineering design process, create, and participate in collaborative groups.

    • STEAM will continue to be integrated into curriculum as the Director of STEAM and classroom teacher co-teach through video conferencing. 


Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Video Conferencing for Distance Learning


Lower School (PK-4th grades): Seesaw and Zoom
Middle School (5th-8th grade): mySGCS and Zoom