Lower and Middle School Lunch Procedures


Lower School


  • All students in grades PK3-4th grade will eat lunch in their classrooms.

  • Online ordering form will be available for a day or week in advance, according to preference..

  • Lunches will be delivered to classrooms in single serve, disposable containers.

  • Students may also bring lunches from home.  Lunches must adhere to all nut-free policies.


Middle School


  • Middle School Students will eat lunch in the Commons in socially distanced spacing.

  • Students may purchase individually boxed lunches, or they may bring lunch from home.

  • Students will be distributed into grade level lunch shifts.

  • While one grade level pairing is at lunch or recess in designated locations, the other grade level pairing will be in classes. 

  • The two grade level pairings will switch in the second half of the period.

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