Middle School Education Plans

Introduction to Middle School Campus Plan

Through creative and innovative application of the most engaging state-of-the-art technological tools and platforms, St. Gabriel’s Middle School teachers are designing instructional activities to deepen the learning experience, empowering students with the proficiencies to comfortably navigate the new digital academic environment. Join us as we delve into the future of education together!

Brick to Click Learning
As long as we are, safely, able to carry out instruction in a brick and mortar, in person setting, we will host our full student population on campus. As needed, when it is deemed unsafe by our local and federal government officials or we have confirmed cases on campus, we will respond to rolling closures with Distance Learning. We will refer to this as Brick to Click Learning.


Safety in Procedures and Environment

Procedures will be designed to maintain distance between and protection of everyone on the grounds, in accordance with CDC health guidelines. These measures will be designed with the projection that conditions will change necessitating adjustments to procedures.

Preventive procedural measures will be implemented in carpool, building entry and exit, class layouts, class changes, bell schedules, lunch and snacks, dismissal.

  • All stakeholders will remain committed to maintaining the high rigor and academic quality for which St. Gabriel's is known.

  • All faculty will continue to prepare technological competencies to deliver instruction integrating distance-learning strategies with real-time instruction. Professional development will be focused on collective acquisition and enhancement of technological awareness to provide a rich and fruitful academic experience for students.

  • All students will be trained and oriented in the technological competencies necessary in today’s academic environment. These competencies will be critical to the student's academic success through this pandemic period and beyond.

  • Acquisition of technological awareness will be a constant process.

  • All parents will be offered training and orientation in the technological platforms that will be implemented in order to provide students with meaningful assistance and facilitation at home when necessary.


Continued Spiritual Formation and Community Enrichment

Spiritual formation activities and events will be adjusted in format. Masses and Town Hall gatherings will be live-streamed into classrooms.

Performances and athletics will be implemented with distancing strategies in place.

Quality of Instructional Engagement


Students are required to bring masks to wear at school.


Students will be scheduled to stay in cohort locations, minimizing the number of students in the hallways in between periods moving from one class location to another. Teachers will travel between classrooms, adhering to personal protection guidelines - face shields and/or masks.


In between elective and core periods, unidirectional routes will be employed to alleviate intersecting paths of students. Students will not be using lockers.


Students will follow social distancing guidelines and recommendations throughout the day. 


Teachers will be comprehensively trained to implement blended instruction that integrates distance-learning strategies, using a flipped model in varying degrees, both to meet the needs of students whose parents opt to keep them at home and in preparation for the possibility of full distance-learning implementation.


Class scheduling will be designed to minimize teacher movement between classes.


Technological tools and platforms will be applied for comfortable navigation around the digital environment. Students and parents will be afforded training.


Assessments and grading will continue at the high standard of rigor for which St. Gabriel’s is known.

Updated Distance Learning Plan


In response to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a comprehensive Brick to Click Learning Plan that delivers the responsive, creative and dynamic teaching and learning that are the hallmarks of a St. Gabriel’s education. While we believe that the best place for our students is on campus, we must also follow local, state, and federal mandates to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. Aligned with these principles, we are well prepared to pivot, as needed, between campus learning to synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning. In the education world, these transitions are referred to as “Brick to Click” or “Click to Brick” Learning. The following pages outline this approach and the steps we will take to ensure that every student feels the same level of belonging, significance and fun they experience regardless of their learning environment.

Our teachers have designed learning experiences that are interactive, collaborative and engaging that allow for Brick to Click or Click to Brick learning. While the social interactions that occur naturally throughout a day will differ, we will integrate opportunities that nurture new and existing friendships and build community. We have streamlined the methods teachers use to deliver information, receive student work, and provide feedback.

The transitions from Click to Brick or Brick to Click Learning will be made easier through continuing education opportunities for students and parents. Included in these opportunities will be training on our Interactive Learning Plans (ILP). These plans are specific to your child’s (children’s) classroom and will allow for seamless transitions to and from campus learning. The ILP will include all possible learning environments including: Campus, Synchronous Remote, and Distance Learning.  These plans will include schedules for all learning formats as well as hyperlinks to the digital tools and platforms being used this year.

The St. Gabriel’s community will flourish by providing a superior educational experience in a loving Catholic environment that calls forth excellence in the lives of our students. We are fortunate to be a community united by this shared vision. The learning environment doesn’t change these aspirations or our ability to achieve them. We are excited to walk this journey in partnership with you.

Click here to download the plan.